Pow Pow Goods

New Logo Branding under construction :)

Maker addict in love with community. Creative dreamer with a kind heart
— Anonymous

The Maker & The Name

PPG is a small business started butch trans Nicaraguan artist.  The maker / owner was raised in Michigan and local to Oakland, California for the past decade.

The business name Pow Pow Goods comes from fascination of onomatopoeia, comic book captions and a adorable rescued pup who packs a lot of punches.  The definition of Pow... expressing the sound of a blow or explosion.  PPG is not to be confused with the indigenous language related to Pow Wow.



The Idea

Handmade leather accessories focused toward self organization with style.  Affordable quality leather goods with a purpose.All of the leather comes from the Hide House in Napa California.  Goods are hand cut, hand stitched, and set with hardware.  Cotton fabrics are purchased from local stores.


100% Handmade

Handmade for friends, family and community.  Made with care in a small home based workshop in West Oakland since 2016.